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A Great Local Blend

Seattle is known for its coffee, its music, and its technology. One of the best places to see them all at once is in local coffee shops, where those colorful walls of event posters show what entertainment is happening at the moment. From indie bands to classical ballet, from summer festivals to Broadway musicals, coffee […]

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Bring Music Home

Have you considered starting a hobby, such as music or art? Adding music to a household can be an effective therapeutic outlet to reduce stress in your life. For a child, music has been proven to improve academic learning and develop important motor skills.* Foothills Suzuki Institute, offers local Suzuki lessons for violin, viola and […]

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Hammond Ashley Violins

Hammond Ashley Violins is all about bringing quality music tools to the string communities of Seattle, Washington and San Diego, Calfornia. Founded in 1964 by Hammond Ashley, the business began on the second floor of Ashley’s woodworking shop just south of the Seattle-Tacoma airport. Ashley’s background in engineering, woodworking and music made the perfect foundation […]

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Jason Lollar: Boutique-Style Pickups & Guitars

When seeking a handcrafted guitar or pickup, knowing the artisan behind the work is crucial. Jason Lollar graduated from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, Arizona in 1975, and has enjoyed life as a professional luthier, ever since. Besides designing and producing extraordinary archtop, solid-body electric and lap steel guitars, Jason is a noted authority […]

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