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Best Sandwiches Around Seattle

We tried to ask our readers about their favorite sandwich shop, but it turns out too many shops are big national chains. So instead we asked our readers for their favorite sandwiches, even at places that aren’t specialty sandwich shops. The answers were tasty and enlightening… Honolulu Chicken Breast Sub at Sarducci’s– Kirkland and University […]

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Growing up were you the kid with the homemade costume for Halloween every year? Or did your family go out and buy new store bought costumes each year? We did a mix, depending on the budget and costume plan each year. As an adult I have largely made my own costumes with the help of […]

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A Slice of Seattle

Chicago and New York hold claims to being pizza towns. But that doesn’t mean that Seattle can’t toss, top, and bake a great slice of pizza or a whole pie for that matter. Pizza is a varied pleasure with some preferring thin wood-fired crust, some looking for authentic East Coast style, some wanting deep dish. […]

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Farmers Markets Around Seattle

I was wondering how many Farmers Markets were around the bountiful Northwest Gold Coast area and found this great site that listed over 35 market opportunities by location and day!  I’ve only been to seven on the list.  Summertime is one of the best times to live in the region because of the amazing […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th, 2013 and it is time to show extra care, attention, and maybe gifts to the great mothers in our lives.  Mother’s Day last year was especially fun for our family because it was the day we announced our pregnancy to my own Mom and gave her a pram ornament […]

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Valentine’s Day Deal

Looking for something special for your sweetheart? Solid Rock Memorials is offering 10% off through any order completed by the end of February with discount code CES213. Get your anniversary date engraved on a Meant for Each Other Rock, or a beautiful Suncatcher, or any other memorial item! Solid Rock Memorials requires one week to […]

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Holiday Shopping Strategies

The holidays are upon us and I find myself thinking about my gift shopping strategies a lot more than usual trying to get everything chosen, bought, wrapped, and delivered early this year since baby Martin should be making his arrival any day now.  Things have changed a lot in the holiday shopping world over the […]

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Renton-Based Kitchen Store Chosen for Tuscan Home Event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Keli Sim DeRitis Company: Poggi Bonsi, LLC Phone: 206.714.8278 FAX: 206.242.2952 Email Address: Website: Renton, Washington, November 5, 2012 Renton-based high quality kitchen tools and home decor store chosen to participate in Tuscan Home Event. Poggi Bonsi was selected by the Italian Trade Commission, Artex, and Promozione Toscana as […]

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Charlie’s Appliance Parts

Charlie Hicks has been in the appliance industry for over 40 years. He honed his skills at Lee’s Appliances in Burien, Washington since Lee was his father. Through this experience he learned more and more about appliance parts and repair. He is second generation and now his children have become young adults and they are joining […]

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Getting a child to stop thumb sucking can prove next to impossible.  Many parents try quick fixes like putting tabasco sauce or bandaids on their child’s thumb.  Sometimes it works, but more often than not the child goes right back to sucking their thumb anytime it’s free. Mory Manca’s three daughters were serious thumbsuckers.  He […]

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Local Home Decor Business with Country Style

A comfortable throw or set of handpainted decanters can add warmth and charm to any home.  Since 2003 Jody Stacy and her husband, Rick, have been working together at their home in Port Orchard, Washington to create custom home decor.  Each “Handpainted by Me” piece is carefully cut and constructed by Rick and then handpainted by Jody.  Over the years […]

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Local Invention Improving Local Workplaces

The Pacific Northwest is a place of ingenuity.  It is a place of creativity.  And it is a place of invention. One company in the Pacific Northwest that exemplifies this ingenuity is Western Washington Safety Consultants, Inc. (WWSC).  According to owners, Bruce and Jacqueline Johnson, this local business has “two predominant purposes: assessing situations in the […]

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Expand Your Outdoor Grilling Area with Style

Some of the simplest summertime pleasures can be grilling outdoors and entertaining friends.  For the grill enthusiast, having enough space to cook and prepare food is critical. Doug and Tracey Hepner, owners of Interior Woodworking Specialties in Redmond, Washington, saw the need for expanded outdoor cook space and designed a new line of backyard kitchen […]

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Support Local Businesses

After the recent presidential election, people eagerly hoped to see the nation’s economy recover quickly. People are reluctant to invest money in the stock market, and are wary of big government and corporations. My hometown, Federal Way, is actively promoting the idea of shopping locally. The Federal Way Chamber of Commerce hopes to stabilize and strengthen […]

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C’est la Vie

In the charming waterfront community of Edmonds, Washington resides the chic and eclectic retail boutique C’est la Vie. Opening its doors to the community in 2001, the shop experienced such a successful first four years that owner and founder, Colleen Bowman and her husband, Michael, decided to expand the boutique and relocate to a larger retail […]

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Healthy Honey

Eat honey, my son, for it is good; honey from the comb is sweet to your taste. Ancient Proverb Many enjoy honey simply because it tastes good. Others know that honey, man’s oldest sweetener, is an effective calmer of coughs or ulcers when ingested with warm tea. Honey is also a natural antiseptic for wounds […]

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Best Bites Lives Up to Its Name

If you’re like most of us and consider a whole block of fresh Parmesan an absolute splurge compared to the normal powder in the green cans, then have we got a place for you! Or if you know exactly what “fromage” means and just where to find “rennet” at your neighborbood store, then again we’ve […]

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Bring Music Home

Have you considered starting a hobby, such as music or art? Adding music to a household can be an effective therapeutic outlet to reduce stress in your life. For a child, music has been proven to improve academic learning and develop important motor skills.* Foothills Suzuki Institute, offers local Suzuki lessons for violin, viola and […]

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Two Fishers Gourmet Seafood

Gourmet canned salmon and tuna is the specialty for this family owned and operated commercial fishing company. For many years owner and captain Gene Fisher and his wife, Aileen, have been troll fishing off the Oregon Coast. They have a catching and processing method that is unlike other companies to bring you the highest quality […]

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Everlasting Chocolates?

Professional potter, Missy James is passionate about many things, including art, pottery, realism and chocolate. Now she has merged these passions into a new product line of “everlasting chocolates” under the name of FossilFire Ceramic Chocolates. Per the tagline on the website, the shiny creations “preserve the moment of anticipation forever”. Each piece is handmade […]

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A Better Crab Trap

I remember crabbing as a girl with my father off the coast of Garibaldi, Oregon. Early in the day we went to a local fish market and bought a big old fish head. Dad cut it into hunks, set a hunk into each of the rusty metal cage-style traps and loaded the traps into the […]

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Heirlooms as Gifts

Last year I handmade all my Christmas presents. The presents were personal and unique but it ended up taking more time and expenses than I expected. With the economy the way it is today, we can all step back and look at how much money we have been spending at Christmas. With that said, I […]

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Poggi Bonsi Ready For the Holidays

Located in the heart of Olde Burien, Poggi Bonsi is ready for the holiday season. The charm of the exterior draws you in as you enter a warm and inviting atmosphere. Inside awaits many wonderful, festive holiday decor and gift ideas for the season. Christmas trees are trimmed with hundreds of new holiday themed ornaments. Some […]

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Hammond Ashley Violins

Hammond Ashley Violins is all about bringing quality music tools to the string communities of Seattle, Washington and San Diego, Calfornia. Founded in 1964 by Hammond Ashley, the business began on the second floor of Ashley’s woodworking shop just south of the Seattle-Tacoma airport. Ashley’s background in engineering, woodworking and music made the perfect foundation […]

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Jason Lollar: Boutique-Style Pickups & Guitars

When seeking a handcrafted guitar or pickup, knowing the artisan behind the work is crucial. Jason Lollar graduated from Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix, Arizona in 1975, and has enjoyed life as a professional luthier, ever since. Besides designing and producing extraordinary archtop, solid-body electric and lap steel guitars, Jason is a noted authority […]

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