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Fun Things to Do in Seattle with Kids

When our son was born, my husband and I didn’t know what our date outings would look like or how they would change with Judah. We wanted to continue doing our favorite things; which included exploring new places in downtown Seattle, walking around Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, the waterfront, finding new parks in the […]

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Think of the Children

Traveling with children? You may or may not realize the implications that come with bringing little ones on board. Here are 5 “I’m traveling with children” mistakes to avoid: Red Eye Flights. It might seem like a brilliant idea to save precious dollars by booking the redeye now, but you might realize you’re not quite […]

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Getting a child to stop thumb sucking can prove next to impossible.  Many parents try quick fixes like putting tabasco sauce or bandaids on their child’s thumb.  Sometimes it works, but more often than not the child goes right back to sucking their thumb anytime it’s free. Mory Manca’s three daughters were serious thumbsuckers.  He […]

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Expression Through Therapy

As an alternative to traditional psychotherapy and mental health counseling, art therapy is an effective way to allow people to express themselves through painting, drawing, clay work, sculpting, and collage art.  Engaging in this process can allow people to cope with everyday life experiences and help to define inner strengths.  It can also determine hidden […]

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Hart’s Gymnastic Center

Summer has come to an end but the impact of summer activities is still felt by some area businesses. For example, the Summer Olympics typically prompt young people to learn tumbling and gymnastics and trainers like those at Hart’s Gymnastic Center stand ready to coach these young athletes. Hart’s Gymnastic Center, owned by David and […]

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