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Roles Found in Successful Businesses

While every business is unique, successful businesses are built with the support of the following roles. The optimist – On a daily basis this individual envisions and speaks of success and exhorts others to do the same. This individual’s optimism is so strong that it is contagious. Staff, prospects and vendors all have an opportunity […]

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How to Sell Without Selling

Selling a service is different from selling a product. Selling a service involves making more of a human connection and a commitment because what you are selling is more than an object. Selling a service, even when selling installation of a product, includes understanding the customer and selling the personality, knowledge, and skills of those […]

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Business Owner’s Thanksgiving

By Elizabeth Paulsen in the style of Chuck Gallozzi We are thankful for: Long hours because even though they’re long, we set them and we are not likely to lay ourselves off. Work stress because it gives us an excuse to reach for the dark chocolate or go work out. Payroll taxes, vacation pay and […]

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Small Business Indicators

Is your business improving? While some business owners look to their financials to determine whether their business is doing better, many small business owners also look to the following indicators. They know business is better when: 1. Management isn’t panicked when some high maintenance customers go elsewhere. 2. Management begins to test new services and markets. 3. […]

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Setting Your Price

I enjoy mentoring new businesses. One of the most common questions I hear from new business owners is “How should I set my price?” Here is what I tell them. Know the price your competitors are charging. Gather as much information as you can regarding what your competitors are charging and why. Make certain that […]

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